A letter to myself at 16

Dear Me at 16,
There is so much I have to tell you that I don’t know where to begin. I know you are currently fed up with things and being sick since you were 12. I know you are again experiencing problems with friends turning their back on you or continue to harass in the school corridors. I know your confident levels are most of the time quiet low.
You have been thinking about the future and dreaming about what you would like to do. Your heart wants you to apply to NIDA but your head is telling you this is impossible, this dream is to big. Your health is not strong enough. I know you are feeling crushed and defeated because this is something you have dreamt about since the day you could remember. I can guarantee you that over the next 14 years many hopes and dreams will be lost but many things will come your way that you never dared to dream off.
So don’t lose hope, because in all honesty your only bloody 16! Stop stressing about the future, you’re an adult longer than you’re a child or teen and once you’re an adult there is no way to turn back.
Forget about those silly and immature girls who take pleasure in being bitches. They are not worth your time or day. Let them trip over their own two feet.
Before you know it you will be busy living your life while they still giggle behind their hands.
Life at home isn’t always easy either. But most teens don’t feel understood by their parents-this is normal, everyone goes through it!
Enjoy your passions and your talents because that’s what will keep your blood pumping and your mind active. You feel your best when you allow yourself to be creative, when you can capture the audience through drama, when you can move people to tears with your own written monologue. Never let go of your writing. That is the one thing that will get you through your hardest times. It will help you work out your problems but also help you express your self to your loved ones.
Don’t waste your time with guys in the next 12 to 18 months because soon your going to meet the person you are going to marry and it may be “old fashion” to think this but waiting till your husband and wife truly is important if you want the best marriage. As teens we often think we know what is best and that our parents are just old fashion, but this is the one thing I wish I had paid more attention to or understood better. Before marriage sex is nothing, even though you will think it is everything. But you wont realise this until after your married and learn the importants and the meaning of your wedding vows.
By the age of 20 yrs. you will be married. Three days before your first wedding anniversary you will give birth to your first of many children.
Over the years your heart will be broken and crushed at times. You will feel hopeless as you go through one traumatic experience after the next. But I can guarantee, you will get through it. Don’t lose hope!
Even though you wont believe me now, you will grow to have a very strong faith-which will save you. Through everything you are going to go through you will learn what is the most important things in life. And it wont be your dream of an acting career or worrying about what other silly girls think. You are going to shock people, cause controversy and most of all have many people respect you after everything you have gone through and the strength you have shown. Sometimes it will be over whelming. But you will get through it. You always will.
And one day you are going to turn 30. You will be holding your sixth baby in your arms and you will look back on everything you have lost but also everything you have gained. Having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and other health problems) suck. But what would suck more is if you were never born.
Take care, keep dreaming
Love always

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