A woman’s worth

What is a woman’s worth? or should I say how much worth is a woman?

A hell of a lot I would say. She brings new life into the world, one of the most glorious things she will do. She comforts the sick, feeds the hungry mouths and heals a broken heart. She is a soft spot to fall upon when the day is hard and the strength you receive when the going gets tough.

I find my role as a woman to be one of God’s greatest gifts given to me. I also believe its my salvation. God knows what we need to do, to become to get to heaven. Being a woman has given me the opportunity to be all that I can. All that I’m worth.

Extract from my book;

Being A Woman

Did you ever wonder as a child what kind of adult you would grow up to be? Or wanted to be? Did you have your life planned out in a straight line? Did you ever consider what type of woman you would actually be (assuming you’re a female)?
I think today we grow up in a world where we are constantly told to think about the future, your education, and your career. But we are never actually asked what type of woman or man do we plan to be. Yes, sometimes in general we consider the type of person we try to be but how many of us actually dig deeper and take it that extra step?
Woman. What does is mean to be a woman? Does it mean wearing the latest fashion and having a successful career? To some it might, to some it might even stop there. But I want to take it further. What makes a woman? What is a woman? Well what make us a female are our sexual and reproductive organs and the fact that we can give birth and have a natural instinct to mother and nurture the infant. We know this as a fact. But when I think about womanhood I’m not just thinking about the physical side of it or the sexual side. I’m thinking deeper, the seed, and the very core of womanhood.
If we read about Adam and Eve we read that Eve was given to Adam as a companion. So do we automatically have that natural desire or yearn for a companion? Is it critical for our survival?  If God had placed Eve on earth for Adam does that automatically make us the “pleaser”? . Looking at my own relationship I know as a mother and wife I like to please my husband whether it’s cooking a curry (or sex haha!) or organising the household.
 On the out side I may look and act like any other wife wanting to make her husband happy. But on the inside my womanhood goes much deeper than my own being. It reaches my soul and the corners of heaven. God has a natural plan for woman. One that many are rejecting or interfering with. Putting on lipstick or dying the colour of my hair doesn’t make me a woman. What makes me a woman is my soul. My soul that yearns to please God, because in God’s plan is where I will find my womanhood. It’s where all the questions will be answered and all the pieces fit together.
I think marriage and giving birth celebrates a woman. Burning your bra or popping the pill doesn’t.  It is more liberating and more freedom than one does actually think to realise. If you truly believe that being a woman is part of God’s plan than you will find the freedom in that in it’s self, instead of becoming a slave to today’s version of a free woman.
 I cannot believe for one moment that after all the pills and abortions, long hours at work and divorce that this makes a woman happy. It’s simply to me does not seem possible, not when you go against nature itself. Because than isn’t it always a struggle when your trying to fight against something? And this doesn’t come with no strings attached because the stress and the worry that comes as a result would send anyone mad! There are always strings attached when you go against God.
I think since being born a woman it is there for my duty to be one, to try to resist this or the natural order would be simply going against what nature intended, what God intended. We as woman have been blessed with such glorious gifts; to serve our Lord and our husbands. To carry the fruits from our marriage, to give birth, and to bring new life into this world. We have the gifts to nurture and to raise our children, to make a home and to pass down our faith to our children. Though some people may not realise this but we are able to have the knowledge and the insight into God’s plan for us.
 Marriage isn’t the only plan for woman, some woman may be called to live a single life and dedicate it to serving others, than a husband if she were to marry. Some woman may not be able to have children and there for be called to adopt or foster children. Regardless of the plan it is your plan given to you by God, himself. So I think its most important that we respect this plan and to follow it according to God’s will.
If someone asked me today, what kind of woman I want to be, the answer would be simple. The woman God intended for me to be.
A wife, a mother, a homemaker. This is what God called for me to be. In doing so I, with my husband, am building the foundations of the church, the community, the state and the nation.
I want to be a woman that pleases my husband but pleases God first. I want to accept any blessings of gifts He wants me to receive. I want to accept the grace that comes with being a mother. After all aren’t they God’s children that we are looking after? (So to reject motherhood, does that mean we than are rejecting God’s children? God’s gifts to us? How would you feel if a friend, completely, rejected a gift you wanted to give him or her?) This for me is what being a woman is all about. I accept this whole heartily and I cherish every step I have taken in this journey. Every moment in my life has taken me to a particular place and every place I have been too has more memories than the last. I love being a woman. I embrace womanhood. I am woman.

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