Hearts of the Innocent

Easter was such a wonderful and special time for our family this year. Lucas was baptised at the all night Easter vigil, it was such a beautiful night. It was a blessing for me that I was able to get through the whole night with out being too sick like I have been in the past.I am really looking forward to next Easter.

We finally got a new car just in time for the school holidays! It has 12 seats, plenty of room to grow.
The kids think its awesome and have nick-named it “The Bus”. We are planning to register for the Camp Quality Convoy which I’m sure will be a lot of fun!

I have been reading articles and keeping track on a court case that’s on right now in America. Kermit Gosnell is on trial for murder.
He is a Doctor who works in women clinics as an abortionist. He is on trial for murder as apparently if the abortion failed he was cutting the babies spinal cord-which basically is beheading them.Nurses who work with him have testified that they have heard babies cry and seen them jump/move. The conditions of the clinic is appalling with blood stains everywhere and jars or babies feet of all different sizes. Body’s and body parts in bags and bins everywhere. In other words it is a slaughter house, a house of horrors.

This particular subject really makes me sad and angry. I believe life starts from the moment of conception and any deliberate interference with the intention to end the new life is nothing less than murder. Life isn’t less valuable because of its location,in the womb or out side of the womb. Its not worth any less because of genetics ,DNA or how conception took place. There is no exceptions. Life is life and haven’t we always been taught since we can remember , to end life is to kill it? So than when did it become okay for us to change our minds, our hearts and our morals on this matter? How can women look their children in their eyes and say “I love you” yet to know that if their child was conceive with a genetic defect or there was some other problem or cause for not wanting the baby they would have aborted that child?

Since when was Death the answer to our problems?

So far how has it worked out for everyone? has it improved society? Made the world a better place?

If we can not put the true value of life, if we cannot value life …how will we ever truly love?

It saddens me to think that animals or state forests have more protection and rights than an unborn human being! And now Planned parenthood in America are trying to make it legal to kill the baby if it is born breathing and alive after the attempted abortion. I know in certain states in America there are laws that Bush had brought in to protect babies born alive after a botched abortion so that they may receive medical care asap and not be left to die.
There are many stories and testimonials from nurses and doctors who have witnessed live babies after an attempted abortion being thrown in a bucket of water or thrown in a bin only to have a few doors down a woman who’s baby was born premature fighting to live with Doctors doing everything they can in their power to safe its life. When did we become authors of life? When did we receive the privilege to chose who lives and who dies?

I am sadden for the child and I feel sorry for any woman who feel this is the only answer.

Women really suffer after having an abortion and many go through depression and anxiety. I truly hope there is enough support out there for these women and that they can find peace again.

I hope this doctor who has shown no remorse for what he has done, is punished. I hope he is removed from society so he can never hurt another women or baby every again. I hope the punishment fits the crime and that people start to realise that legalising something to make it safe has not worked at all. It has only legalised slaughter houses for the most innocent and valuable members in our society.

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