The power of friendship

Its amazing isn’t it, the power of a relationship and the affect it can have on us. Whether being a positive or a negative one we more or less come out of it learning something new if not about that person, but defiantly about ourselves.

In the last six month I am lucky enough to have meet someone who is not only my mentor but a friend who constantly asks nothing of me but consistently gives me praise and encouragement for the big turn around I have made for myself.I am slowly building myself up. Concentrating on what is important in my life which is family, church and finishing this Diploma! I look back on how far I have come just over the last 12 months and I have to admit to myself-that’s its surprising. 12 month ago I wasn’t doing much besides constantly stressed and tired out from lack of sleep. Lucas was a sick baby and did not sleep much. My confidants was low and I was slowly getting over another cornea transplant. One thing for sure is my anxieties did not allow room for me to venture out side of the house-by myself that is. And I wasn’t able to continue with my Diploma. I couldn’t even think straight to sort out and fold the washing.
So looking back I have come a long way. I have the confidants to go out on my own, though ,yes I still get some anxiety and can quickly panic but I am able to have it under control better. As well as my night mares are starting to die down and my dreams are slowly changing-which for me is a sign that I’m slowly getting better.
Some days are still hard and the exhaustion from my CFS can take over and for a few days I won’t do much. But than I’ll have a burst of energy and I’m on the go again.
I am so lucky and grateful to be able to do volunteer work each week, which is helping me gain experience. One thing I have realised is when all the kids are at school I would like to work part time.

I feel I would not have been able to get this far if I didn’t have the support I have had and the cheering my friends have done to get me to this point. I am very lucky to have friends who have been incredibly encouraging and only want what is best for me. I hope they know who they are.Because I think they are awesome and I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for them 🙂

Talking about the affects of relationships, Thomas, who has autism often struggles socially with making friends. He dose not understand when someone is taking advantage of him or is bullying him. He thinks he has to do what they say even if its wrong. So together with the school we have been working with Thomas and his social skills including what it means to have a friend or be one as, well as how to say no.

He has finally made a friend in his class who he adores. He rings her at every chance he gets and I’ll catch him whispering on the phone and the last two weekends they have had play dates. He is so happy, much happier than with his other so called friend and he is confidence is up as well. And when Thomas is happy we are all happy!
I’m happy he has a friend from his class as I’ll never forget when he was being assessed and we were watching through a one way glass mirror and he told the Doctor that he was lonely and he didn’t know why. My heart has never felt so broken. How could a seven year old feel lonely? especially in a house full of kids. I guess for me that tells me he does feel different from the others but he does not know or understand why. I know when you feel different from everyone else you can feel quiet lonely.

Please remember to keep Thomas in your prayers as he prepares to make his first reconciliation hopefully just before Christmas!

Goodnight everyone 🙂

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