You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!

For the last four months all I have heard everyday “Look at this stuff, Isnt it neat….I wanna go where the people go, I want to go I wanna seeing them dancing!” With a bit of a mix of Micheal Jackson and Britney Spears .Elizabeths two favourite music artists.

And of cause she would not let me see her dance for the little mermaid song at all-Thanks to Miss Angie who had convince the girls it’s a secret,and of cause Liz hangs on to every word her beloved ballet teacher say’s to her!.

As the date grew closer , our house has been in a bit of excitement. Maybe to most people it would not be such a big deal, but to us it is. Elizabeth was such a shy toddler,she would hide behind my legs and bury her face into my shoulder, not looking at the person or refusing to speak to the person talking to her.
Now into her third year of ballet,Grant and I are thrilled with the beautiful young girl that has come out of her shell. We never in a million years thought she would get up on stage -and LOVE IT. This year she danced on stage by herself with one other little girl,her friend Clara. They both danced so well together. I couldn’t help feeling so proud of my baby girl! She wasn’t even nervous. If anything now she looks for every opportunity to get up and dance. Its a great way for her to get the lime light with five brothers in the house!
Today she received her special trophy for her hard work. And she has worked hard this year as she also had her very first ballet exams and did wonderful, she was so excited-we had to keep hushing her!
Next year will be slightly busier as she will be doing tap dancing as well as ballet, and I’m sure no doubt the first 6 months will be focused on her next ballet exams.
She has such wonderful teachers there and the director,Belinda makes every student feel special, and acknowledges each and everyone one of them. There is no  need for competitiveness because all the students are number one.

With Elizabeth dancing all the time and singing around the house, a lot of the time music is blaring and everyone is dancing! Its entertaining to watch the little ones copy Liz with her cartwheels or splits or her ballet moves.
Next year will be exciting for Liz I’m sure and I continue to look forward watching her grow as well as being involved in this lovely dance community.

And as Liz would sing “Hit me baby one more time!”

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