A Gift from a Saint

This is a very emotional entry for me to post.

You see like most marriages my husband and I are strugling lately in our marriage so I began praying a novena to my beloved St Theresa, asking for help with my marriage. I have loved her since I was a small child and she means everything to me.
It is said if you pray to her and she answers your prayers some how you receive a rose.
The day my mother came in with some of my ,children she brought in a big bunch of flowers and in it was a single rose.
That night my husband and I talked for over an hour on the phone and had both realised we still love each other and want to work to make this marriage last an eternity- exactly what it says on our wedding rings.
So last night we went on a first date and it was emotional and wonderful. Marriage is hard work but how blessed am I to have received a blessed gifted from my beloved saint? A gift I can hold and look at. Something I will keep forever.
I truly believe St Thersea heard my plea and listened and I love her even more for sending me the most precious gifts of all, my marriage and a rose.

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