A New Year,A New Me,A New Baby and A new List of Things To Do!!

Yep I know, It been like three months since I last posted in here.

But with the end of year, Christmas, birthdays and school holidays and going back to school-its been a crazy time!

Oh and did I mention that I’m pregnant??

Yep 12 weeks today to be exact and while reactions from certain people or lack of I should say, has been less than desirable , Grant and I are both over the moon!

We are extremely happy and excited and so are all the children. And so far, minus two weeks of vomiting, this pregnancy has actually been the best one so far.

With this baby we have decided to go through the private system and I cannot stress enough how happy I am! Not only is the care a better standard at The Private Hospital, its more organised, less stressful and more consistent with information and what I should expect for this pregnancy.

The hospital, where I will be having the baby, is clean, quiet and comfortable with massive windows in the rooms looking out to the gardens or a field with horses , depending where your room is.

And you wont have to worry about going hungry because they give you so much food to eat, delivered to your room and hot! Unlike The public hospital , you have to get out of bed and go to a buffet even if your about to pass out or have had a c-section and are experiencing pain.

I had a look at the Birthing suits and the rooms are massive with a full bathroom and a couch that opens into a bed for your birth partner and a door to a small courtyard, into the garden.

In the ward all new mums get their own room which are quiet large. They are also very strict when it comes to rules and visitors -thank God because The public hospital, seems to think its quiet okay to allow mothers to have groups of ten visitors or more at a time despite if they are sharing a room with another mother who’s baby isn’t settling or sleeping, as well as allowing visitors to come through with the flu! Than to dare suggest that I should maybe go sit in the TV room!   Than organised for me to be assessed by the psychiatric team-because apparently its not reasonable for a mother who has given birth,who is tired,who has a baby that isn’t sleeping to want peace and quiet and a bit of consideration from the other person sharing the room!

So I’m looking forward to this experience which so far looks like it will be more positive than my previous births.

This year my eldest ,Jackson,is in year six and I’m organising myself to start the application process for high school next year! I cannot believe it-high school!

So we have decided to send him to Corpus  as we have heard nothing but positive feed back from everyone. They also apparently have a fantastic programme for children with special needs which will be great for Jackson’s younger brothers who are on the spectrum for autism.

Corpus encourages independent learning which is great for Jackson who is a very keen learner and also Independent leaner, which is one of the reasons why his teacher suggested this high school for him. For students who struggle to stay interested in learning they focus on areas which hold the interest of that student so for example if the student has to write an essay for English-instead of making the student write an essay and struggle on a subject that may not interest him or her they will encourage that student to chose a topic that will interest them and than mark them on the structure of the essay and their ability to write one.

They also often join classes together and have a open discussion-which I think Jackson will just love.

They apparently are a strict high school which also uphold their Catholic beliefs and attitudes. Which is what we also want-we don’t want to send them to a school that’s Catholic in name only-which was like the high school I went too.

So I look forward to seeing Jackson start High school because I think he is going to LOVE it! His a smart cookie and we can defiantly see him going off to university and doing something awesome with his life.

Thomas is in year four this year . Thomas has taken a keen interest in science lately and has said he wants to go to uni to study science. Which is great though I don’t think he realises the work involved and being Thomas, he hates work and is only keen on doing something he is particularly interested in! So it will be,I’m sure,amusing,entertaining and exciting to see where Thomas goes with his education. I’m sure he can do it, because when he puts his mind to something the result is amazing!
At the moment Grant is teaching him electronics and Thomas is loving it! He with his father , are drawing up plans and looking at those magazines picking out the tools and products they need to build what ever it is they are building together.

Elizabeth has a busy year ahead of her. this year she will be doing dancing four times a week which include, ballet,jazz,tap and one private lesson. Today she came home and informed me she has put her name down for the school dance troupe and will also be joining the school choir!
I love how Liz wants to do EVERYTHING and live it all! and she does everything with enthusiasm and grace. Which makes me quiet proud.

Joseph is starting his third term at his special school . We are so proud of our little champ. he has had major improvements since starting there last year and we, with his teachers , are hopeful he wont be there much longer until he is able to transfer to a mainstream school!

Samuel and Lucas are both busy being the youngest two of the family ( for the moment) and enjoy being busy with family day care and preschool. They continue to melt our hearts in every mischievous way and brighten our days with their gorgeous cheekiness!

This year I was suppose to start UNI but have decided to put it off till next year after baby is born. Though one thing I really want to see happen this year is to finally have my book edited completely!

I was hoping this year would be a smooth sailing year but I have a feeling there will be many ups and down with a few forks and bends in the road along the way.

I love my crazy family and regardless to what anyone thinks or say we are happy and you know what, no one can take that away from us, Because we are the ones that will get to look in to the beautiful eyes of this baby everyday, we are the ones that get to hold and rock this child to sleep every night, we get to have the delight of receiving kisses and hugs from this child, from helping him or her take their first step,hearing them say “I love you mum/dad” and to look on proudly as they grow into an adult.That’s the joy we will have with this child. Each and Every day.
And that’s the joy we have with our children everyday.
We are grateful for this wonderful blessing, the blessings of motherhood and fatherhood. the adventures, the mysteries,the love and joy that all comes with it.

And if anyone wants to be a party poo-per or be negative or try to ruin our joy,I say this to you; Look into the faces of my children and tell me which one should not have been born and than, tell them why that them being here,that their parents love for each other and them (the children) that brought them in to this world- is ridiculous.Explain to them why their right to be here is any less than yours or mine and most of all explain to them why their parents should have rejected the blessing and gift of another child, from God who loves us enough to shower us with these wonderful blessings.
And than you can explain it to me while I try to restrain myself.

Because NO ONE has the right to tell US how many children we should have or how we bring up our family and live our life.

Just like its YOUR choice to limit how many children you accept, its OUR choice if we chose to accept how many is given to us and when or if we should continue to grow our family.

These children are more precious and are more dear to my heart than anyone realises, because as I continue to see specialists and have diagnoses made and test results come back- I should have never been able to have children, let alone carry six (so far) to full term.
Every child I have is a miracle and defies all the medical experts I see.
I truly believe that only God can do this, that only God can make this happen because with God anything is possible even when it seems impossible.
And my children are living proof of that.

I hold onto my faith and pray that this baby will be born strong and healthy. I pray that I get through this pregnancy with out any complications and I also pray for all the people that surround us and continue to give us so much love and support.I pray that God blesses all our family and friends and that He keeps His hand on them all, keeping them safe.

I hope that this year is as productive and crazy and exciting as I’m sure mine will be!

Bye for now!

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