A week ago I celebrated my great grandmothers 100th birthday.

It was a  mile stone the whole family was excited about and very much looking forward too.

Afterwards I couldn’t help reflecting how at the time of celebrating my grandmothers birthday, my husband and I are just weeks away from meeting our seventh baby.We were celebrating a hundred years of life and family while in expectation of this brand new life that will soon be here.
There will be a hundred years, age gap between my baby and my grandmother. And I cannot help but think “WOW”.

Sometimes I think in everything that goes on in society and the world ,we forget about how truly wonderful life is. Life is wonderful at both ends of the spectrum, whether its a life of suffering or a life or nothing but happiness. It is wonderful,because life,in all forms reveals the beauty of our inner selves as well as the beauty around us.

It reveals the beauty of God’s love.

We get so caught up in the rights of this and the rights of that , that we forget about that one very basic right, that we ALL must have first before we can achieve other rights, and that right is, the right to life.

When I think about this precious baby in my womb and than I look at my great grandmother, I cannot help but think about the journey my grandmother has had and the journey my baby will have.

To eliminate life at either ends of the scale ie; the beginning, after conception or at the later stages in life, is mankind’s biggest tragedy.

We must learn to value our own worth and dignity and the worth and dignity of those around us.
We must truly learn to embrace life instead of choosing death as a solution to “our” problems.

As someone who is chronically ill, it saddens me that MY life could easily be passed off as too much of a struggle or burden for those around me, that a doctor ( depending which country your in) could easily decide that its too “cruel” to let me live and sign the papers for me to be euthanized.
Its honestly a scary thought.

But while my life may not be the standard of life that most people would consider to be living, I have life all around me, that I enjoy immensely.
I am  blessed with much life . I am blessed with the lives of all my children.
While this pregnancy has been truly horrific, at times I am blessed in knowing that a life is growing inside of me.While I may not be able to live life to the full potential of the average person, I can give life to my children.

Despite the standard of life a person may have, each person has something to bring to this world. Each person has their own life to live,a story to tell and a life to be remembered.

I honestly find it very hard to imagine living a hundred years! But ,wow, imagine if I did?!?!

My family would be massive and Birthdays and Christmases would be a massive event on each calendar!

I feel like by giving life to our family , by having these children, we are laying down the foundations for our future generations, we are beginning to pave the paths our children will eventually take or chose.
I sat and thought if all my children only had ,say ,two children each.That’s 14 grandchildren. If all my grandchildren only had an average of two children, that’s 28 GREAT grandchildren and if THOSE children only had an average of two children each that’s 56 GREAT GREAT grandchildren. that would be a total of or an average of 98 grandchildren in total! Holy cow! Their gonna need to close the street for my 100th!! Heck-we should have a town named after us!!

No matter how long or how short life is,it is wonderful and something to be celebrated. My kids all want to know now if their great, great grandmother is going to reach 101,102,103 or even 120!

I truly cannot wait to hold this new life in my arms.
I cannot wait to watch this little life grow and the journey he or she will take.

I am so truly blessed and very rich with my husband and all our children around us.



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