Blessings,struggles,faith and life.

As I continue to pray to St. Therese, I continue to recieve roses randomly. A true reminder not to lose faith or hope in my daily struggles as my prayers are being heard and in time, answered.

While I don’t like to admit it and would rather not acknowledge it, my depression and anxieties are up and down. It takes a lot of will power to focus and rein it in as too not let it get out of control.
It takes everything I have to remain grounded.
Though I am struggling in moments through out the day, I find peace and comfort in my faith and in my prayers.
The peace I find is important for me as having a large family the only time there is any peace and quiet is when everyone is asleep . So sometimes I give in to the wonderful sounds of the night and stay up late reading or writing.
Sleep dosent alway come easy for me either as lately my joints have been sore enough to wake me up . I absolutely hate it when it’s in my hip as no matter which way I lay it’s painful and uncomfortable and as I hate using pain relief , I’m trying to put of using the patches again for the pain.
Though pain helps me to not lose focus on what has to be done, the purpose of my life and the will of God.His plans for me. It gives me strength to push through, a determination I would not have if I were to reject my cross that I am too carry.
Prayer gives me the respite I need to reenergise myself, to pick up my cross and keep going.
For life to have meaning there needs to be suffering for suffering to have meaning I need to have faith in God. He puts the meaning in my suffering, gives it a purpose. With out Him everything would be pointless.
I would be dead in spirit and since God is the God of life and not the God of death He want me to have life, eternal life and He knows the suress way to my salvation  is through Him and only Him. 
And since God is love and God is the God of life.
The meaning of life is love, in other words: God.

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  1. October 12, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    "my depression and anxieties are up and down. It takes a lot of will power to focus and rein it in as too not let it get out of control."

    I can understand this. I've had more anxiety this year than I've ever experienced before. It takes a lot of strength to keep moving when depression and anxiety and clamoring at you to stop. There's such a beautiful sacrifice in willing ourselves to move past that even in small ways no one will see!

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