365 Reflections of Faith

22nd May 2016

Prayer gave me a source of strength and peace today as I held my great grandmothers hand,as her time here on earth was coming to an end.


Reflections of Faith #13 Photo By Ally J Brown

21st May 2016

Blessings in my family.


Reflections of Faih #12 Photo By Ally J Brown

20th May 2016

Always a reminder the price Jesus paid for us.


Reflections of Faith #11 Photo By Ally J Brown


19th May 2016

I actually was struggling to think of something this day that reminded me of my faith. Than my eldest daughter  came and sat next to me and told me that she is practising  to remind herself what she has to say, because her class is going to confessions next week. I couldnt help but reflect for a moment or two when I was that age and how eager I was to receive the sacrements! And with such innocence! How I wish I could have that innocence back again!


Reflections of Fath #10 Photo By Ally J Brown

18th May 2016

My journal allows me to quietly reflect on my faith and my daily struggles and blessings I experience.I am greatly for this quiet time as it allows me to untangle thoughts that may be weighing heavily on me. It gives me a chance to reflect on the joyful moments in my life that I hold dear in my heart.


Reflections of Fath #9 Photo By Ally J Brown

17th May 2016

My daughter’s baptism candle has been sitting on our dinning room table. Every time I walk past it and glance at the candle it reminds me of the beautiful night my daughter was baptised. It reminds me how on her baptism not only was I placing her with trust and faith, into God’s hands, that I was also giving thanks and praise to God for this beautiful child He has given us.


Reflection of Faith #8 Photo By Ally J Brown

16th May 2016

A helping hand from a friend and family member, reminds me how God places people in our lives at just the right moment.How blessed I am to receive help on a day I very much needed it!


Reflections of Fath #7 Photo By Ally J Brown

15th May 2016

Everytime I see a flower it reminds me of the beautiful life God has given me. It brings me to reflect on the beauty and fragility of life, which at the same time can consist of wisdom and strength when we place our faith in God.

I also feel compelled to add that flowers also remind me of my beloved Saint and friend. St Therese, who has on more than one occasion sent me flowers in answer to my prayers.


Reflections of Faith #6 Photo By Ally J Brown

14th May 2016

Baptism.Penetcost.Today was my daughter’s baptism and being Penetcost as well there was much reflection on God’s will for my life.The wonderful blessing of my daughter, strengthens my faith in God’s merciful love.


Reflections of Faith #5 Photo By Ally J Brown

13th May 2016

I love my books.When I see my books stacked up on my dresser or laying around the house, it always makes me stop and pause for a second. I reflect on the subjects of the books or their authors, which is one reason I have them laying around. The inspiring authors like Christopher West or the words of St Therese remind me to keep living my faith and to live it well.


Reflections of Faith #4 Photo By Ally J Brown


12th May 2016

My wedding vows are important to me.With out my faith my marriage would not stand a chance.I have come to learn during my reflections of faith that on my wedding day not only did I say “I do” to my husband but I also said “I do” to God. In other words I said yes to my husband and yes to God.


Reflections of Faith #3 Photo By Ally J Brown


11th May 2016

God is light.A candle reminds me of the light that God, Himself has placed into my heart. I am esspecially reminded today on my son’s birthday. The light and love that my son gives me everyday is an amazing blessing and gift straight from God.


Reflections of faith #2 Photo By Ally J Brown


10th May 2016

365 Reflections of Faith is a on going project of mine.

Every day, for one year, I will (try to!!) post one photo (taken that day) of something that reminds me of my faith.I will post a sentence or two reflecting as to why this image and what about this image , reminds me of my faith and what it personally means to me.


So here is my first photo.

This picture of Mary holding baby Jesus is on the wall in my kitchen. I love this picture, ever since I was a little girl. It reminds me of what a blessing it is to be a mother. It reminds me of all the “Yes’ Lord!” I have said each time we have welcomed a new baby in to this world. It reminds me with faith in our Lord anything is possible.



Reflection of Faith #1 Photo By Ally J Brown