Why “Against All Hope”?

  Someone asked me recently “Why Against All Hope ?”   I have had chronic health problems since I was 12. They are on going and even now getting worse. I have lost three babies… Four out of my seven children are autistic …. Since a child I have been through many traumatising events. Rejection…. For about five years I battled with… Read more →

Reflections of Faith: Part One

    Looking Within Ourselves Faith is not always something that is easy to explain let alone describe. You know it is there, even if you cannot see it. You can just feel it. Like the cool night air, you cannot see it but feel it around you. You can watch it will the leaves on the trees to rustle… Read more →

latest Article Published

  My Purpose In Life   An article about my personal journey and purpose in my life, through my sufferings. Life is hard, but that does not mean it is a failure of any kind. The harder life is the closer we walk next to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our sufferings can do wondrous for someones life, that we… Read more →