The Warrior Within.

  Some days I am not very brave.   I can admit that.   Some days there is nothing more I want to do than to admit defeat and give up. But I can’t. There is always something pushing me to keep going. To get back up again. Don’t give up. Because you have got THIS. Straighten your crown girl!… Read more →

The Age of Innocence

Five summers ago I was spending the last day of the year, in the sunshine, while watching the kids in the pool and drinking my favorite wine. The night before I had watched the movie, The Blue Lagoon. While, yes, there was a lot of sun-kissed flesh and golden curls, if you could tear your eyes away from the obviousness… Read more →

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Sometimes as a Catholic it truly does feel that you are up against the whole world. While the world stomps louder and waves their fists stronger than ever, we as Catholics, in retrospect, seem to more quietly ( in comparison ) go about our lives trusting it all in our faith and love for our God, accepting the crosses we are… Read more →

Against All Hope Ministry

Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed writing. I was the student in the class that would write the longest stories and then read them out in front of everyone. At home, I had piles of papers filled with stories and poems. Journals full of thoughts and dreams. Writing was my passion. It still is. There is nothing… Read more →