Faith,Hope and Pope Francis the first!

The Catholic Church all around the world is full of excitement and hope. The announcement of our new Pope Francis has given people every where much joy.

We are lucky, God has been faithful to His church, giving us a new Pope right in time for Easter.
Pope Francis is a person who lives simple,
who cares about the poor and protecting the unborn innocent. Who stands firm with the church and all it’s teachings. He is a people’s person, the people’s Pope.

And while some media have made comments on how they wonder what the new Pope will do for the church being a conservative and how this will affect the church and its people, it still unbelievable at times, for me, that people continue to expect the church to change for them but yet they won’t change for the church-in other words , God.
They expect the church’s to change its values and morality just because they have changed theirs and have walked a away from the moral values  and teachings of the Catholic Church and to live life under their own rules, expecting everyone around them to do the same.

Jesus came to tell us that He is the truth . He did not say he is a compromise and He certainly didn’t say that the truth is only relevant for about two thousand years to than which it will expire and than anyone and everyone can go to heaven and hell will cease to exist!

No, He came to tell us the truth and to warn us about judgement day, which we do not know when this will happen. He came to tell us to be prepared and not to be fooled, to trust in His love and His mercy for us.

To have Faith.

Pope Francis has to be the Pope God wants him to be for His church, not what people or society wants Him to be .

At the moment my husband and I are going through some testing times but we try to remain patient knowing God will take care of us, and though at the moment things are hard there is also much joy and excitement in our house for Easter and the upcoming Baptism of our son Lucas who will be baptised at the all night Easter vigil. It’s amazing how everything can feel so hard and tough at times but God can still manage to bring joy into our hearts. He can show us just how lucky we are. Last Tuesday my husband was in a car accident . We have realised how lucky he was to walk away from it as the ladder in the waggon boot came flying through the car and hit the back of his head rest on his seat. I would hate to think would could have happened if that head rest wasn’t there or if any of the children were in the car.

Thanks be to God that He is always with us. We are truly grateful!.

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