Alice Through the Looking Glass

Sometimes as a Catholic it truly does feel that you are up against the whole world. While the world stomps louder and waves their fists stronger than ever, we as Catholics, in retrospect, seem to more quietly ( in comparison ) go about our lives trusting it all in our faith and love for our God, accepting the crosses we are… Read more →

A Month of Reflections

Autism and CFS under one roof. This time of year always brings me to a pause to stop and reflect. Last month in April, was Autism awareness month. I do my small bit when I can by posting about Autism on my Facebook but sometimes it doesn’t seem enough yet honestly that’s all I can manage. The word Autism has… Read more →

Why “Against All Hope”?

  Someone asked me recently “Why Against All Hope ?”   I have had chronic health problems since I was 12. They are on going and even now getting worse. I have lost three babies… Four out of my seven children are autistic …. Since a child I have been through many traumatising events. Rejection…. For about five years I battled with… Read more →

Unedited and raw

  Usually I have someone help me edit my work. I want my work to be professional with a certain standard. Having missed out on a lot school due to health problems I missed out on a lot of the basic work. But lately I am struggling and I want people to see me, really see me. Unedited and raw.… Read more →


A week ago I celebrated my great grandmothers 100th birthday. It was a  mile stone the whole family was excited about and very much looking forward too. Afterwards I couldn’t help reflecting how at the time of celebrating my grandmothers birthday, my husband and I are just weeks away from meeting our seventh baby.We were celebrating a hundred years of… Read more →